What challenge do we want to tackle?

How can we illustrate the corona pandemic more effectively and make it understandable for everyone? Everywhere people talk about "flatten the curve". The hashtag #flattenthecruve went viral on the Internet. But what does this curve look like in Germany and in other countries? How has it developed so far?Various publications such as those of the Robert Koch Institute or the John Hopkins University show the development of the pandemic. so there a bunch of data and informtion about COVID-19 but what is missing is a simple but impactfull presentation of the progression of COVID-19, so that everyone can understand and become aware of the global impact of the corona virus.

What is our solution and how does it work?

In our approach we use Augemted Realtiy (AR) to illustrate the global progression of the COVID-19 pandemic. The user is shown a globe on his AR-enabled device. He can place and scale this globe in his environment as desired. The globe can also be turned by the user. Red round indicators are placed everywhere on the globe. If the user gets closer to the globe, he will see that each indicator is assigned to a country. If the user clicks on a country, the current numbers of infected, healed and passed patients are displayed. If the user moves away from the country, he can select any other country and will also receive current data for this country. Additionally, the user can change the view by tapping on "Chart" at the bottom left. The user is then shown a bar chart showing the course of the pandemic. This way the progression of the corona virus is illustrated as a curve.

Why everything in Augmented Reality?

Studies have shown that AR increases the perceived importance of products or developments. By using AR, the complex development of the pandemic around the world can be presented more powerful and visual. In addition, AR creates a high level of involvment, so that those who do not take COVID seriously enough yet, because the topic may still seem too abstract to them, can be reached more easily. Because AR is still a new technology, a visualization in AR remains longer in the user's memory. The application of Augmented Realtiy for the visualisation of the global corona pandemic helps to emphasize the seriousness of the corona pandemic.

Who benefits from our project?

Our project benefits everyone who wants a clear, simple and above all impressive visualization of COVID-19. Especially in the field of research our project can help to have the global development at a glance. Since our project is publicly available on Github, developers can include more ideas and graphical features that help to better represent the development of COVID-19. In the area of communication, our project helps to better communicate the seriousness of the Corona virus.

How should the project continue now?

The project is by no means final. More ideas for graphical features are still in the making. New elements, graphics and illustrations can be integrated into our project by other developers as well. Another goal is to bring our application to the Apple and Android appstores.

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