** Matthew Halberg ** posted a video on Instagram about ** data visualization ** COVID AR for the USA that the first impression to do in India COVID AR

What it does

Visualization of data of coronavirus data in augmented reality.

How I built it

by learning the unity engine, AR foundation, JsonAPI, android native plugin, and 3d object interaction and the responses, transportation of the 3d objects interacting with the real-world entities.

Challenges I ran into

focusing on **Dynamic objects at the run time **and make it interact with the ray cast technology

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I and my friend had done the interaction of the dynamic loading and the server script for the runtime loaded objects with the** custom behavior scrips**provided by the echo ar.

What I learned

echo ar and the usage of dynamic loading objects.

What's next for COVIDAR

develop a featured product for** data processing for any kind of data with the API.** symptom visualization in AR, AR chatbot.

Built With

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