To track all active Covid-19 infected patients, by allowing healthy people to cross-match their location history timeline against infected people visited locations

Four facts to support the problem statement

  1. Covid-19 cases double each 2 to 10 days, almost everywhere.
  2. Asian example: each individual who was in contact with an infected person has to quarantine.
  3. European democracies rely on the consciousness of the people.
  4. World Health Organisation: ”test, test, test.”

Why do we believe this is important?

The spread of the coronavirus is inevitable, but we need to act now before the virus spreads to incredible proportions, at which point it will be too late to focus on containment. The worldwide numbers of the COVID-19 infections have topped 500 000. Measures have to be taken to lower the peak and allow the health care system to endure crisis load. To delay the epidemic peak, it is important to avoid being in the vicinity of infected people for a particular amount of time. In the light of the very fast and worldwide growth of Covid-19 infected patients, we see that Covid-19 cases double each 2 to 10 days, almost everywhere.

According to what we have seen as a successful Asian example of containment of the virus spread - each individual who was in contact with an infected person has to quarantine and the government took care with very strict measures. Considering that in Europe we live way much relaxed, we believe that we need to use technology to raise awareness and consciousness of the people.

Our solution

To help solve the Covid-19 crisis, we are building the ecosystem:

  1. The mobile app is allowing the smartphone holder to track the GPS signal movement and share it with us. If the person got infected, he could enable us to visualize his last two weeks of movement history on the map.

  2. The Web app lets you upload your data and do the cross-match against Covid-19 infected patients' movement history

  3. Infographics & maps for media to raise awareness and visually represent the areas where infected people were moving in the last two weeks.

You can see our model: link

By using the modern technologies we are building the solution that would allow:

To visualize the movement trajectories of the infected patients

To build a tool for any member of the society to cross-check by uploading his movement history against the infected people’s movement paths; and if the matches are to be found, the person would be able to analyze the risk of that particular contact.

We are planning to share our solution with governments, healthcare ministries & media.

We seek to build three main products:

  1. CovidApp Web -- the web application to be used by desktop computers and laptops where you can easily upload your location from Google My Activity or other smart devices.

  2. CovidApp Mobile -- the web application allowing to track your movements and upload to our database. As well it has a button "Mark me infected", then your 14 days location timeline is visualized on our infected people heat map.

  3. CovidApp Media -- map visualization solutions for media; maps to demonstrate newly found case movements or show in general risk zones on the map.

What's next for Covidapp

We are in contact with various healthcare institutions, associations, companies around the world: starting from Pennsylvania State in the US, Iceland, Norway, Bangladesh, Poland, Lithuania, and the list keeps growing

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