The rampant virus outbreak has stopped all activities by 50% and has led people to undergo quarantine at home. and in my thoughts for the future so that everyone can be provided with more detailed information about the COVID-19 outbreak even at home

What it does

provide data information and about what corona virus is

How I built it

I built it: studio 2.php 3.json 4.phpmyadamin for database

  1. insomnia to see the results of json

Challenges I ran into

for the challenge itself, I didn't get it because 80% I had mastered the tools I used

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For achievements I don't have it yet, but for several projects I've worked on

What I learned

android studio java php dbms json insomnia

What's next for Covida

for now only data on the part of Indonesia that I show and for the future I will make it load data all over the world

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