Are you out in public but scared about people standing too close? Do you want to catch up on the social interactions at your cozy place but do not want to endanger your guests? Or you just want to be notified as soon as you have come in close contact to an infected individual? With this app, we hope to provide the tools to users to navigate social distancing more easily amidst this worldwide pandemic.

What it does

The Covid Resource App aims to bring a one-size-fits-all solution to the multifaceted issues that COVID-19 has spread in our everyday lives.

Our app has 4 features, namely:
- A social distancing feature which allows you to track where the infamous "6ft" distance lies
- A visual planner feature which allows you to verify how many people you can safely fit in an enclosed area
- A contact tracing feature that allows the app to keep a log of your close contacts for the past 14 days
- A self-reporting feature which enables you to notify your close contacts by email in case of a positive test result

How we built it

We made use primarily of Android Studio, Java, Firebase technologies and XML. Each collaborator focused on a task and bounced ideas off of each other when needed.

The social distancing feature functions based on a simple trigonometry concept and uses the height from ground and tilt angle of the device to calculate how far exactly is 6ft.

The visual planner adopts a tactile and object-oriented approach, whereby a room can be created with desired dimensions and the touch input drops 6ft radii into the room.

The contact tracing functions using Bluetooth connection and consists of phones broadcasting unique ids, in this case, email addresses, to each other. Each user has their own sign-in and stores their keys on a Firebase database.

Finally, the self-reporting feature retrieves the close contacts from the past 14 days and launches a mass email to them consisting of quarantining and testing recommendations.

Challenges we ran into

Only two of us had experience in Java, and only one of us had used Android Studio previously. It was a steep learning curve but it was worth every frantic google search.

What we learned

  • Android programming and front-end app development
  • Java programming
  • Firebase technologies

Challenges we faced

  • No unlimited food
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