Shopping for groceries is still a real need. COVID - 19 is still a great threat. We made this app to minimize transmission at places like stores where it has the potential to occur the most. The app allows users and admins to view the COVID guidelines for any particular store. Moreover, instead of queueing up physically, they can do it virtually on the app. Users can see the number being called and book or cancel a spot in queue, while the administrators have more control over the number being called, etc.

What inspired us was our own and our family's experiences at grocery list and the current second wave happening. We couldn't help but notice how many people were often packed together in queues for stores.

We used the Firebase firestore as a backend to store the Store data along with the queue data. Flutter was used to code the project.

Since this was our first hackathon we faced many problems concerning organizing and dividing work. Because of COVID, we had to also collaborate remotely, and we learned using important tools such as github. But in the end, the experience was worth it, and we look forward to our next hackathon!

A new Flutter application.

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