Due to the novel coronavirus, children all over the world were suddenly told to stay at home all day for months, resulting in frustration for being unable to hang out with friends all rooted in the fact that kids were confused about COVID19. As high schoolers, we can empathize with these kids for not wanting to obey parents. In the 21st century, social media and news sites are go-to resources to learn about world issues however kids hate reading the news let alone understand it due to the sophisticated language and the complexity of some of the issues, but they LOVE playing games! Thus, we created COVID4KIDS to help.

What it does

COVID4KIDS is a highly-interactive web-based game that features 4 super fun mini-games to teach people, especially children, about important information on how to act during the coronavirus pandemic. The first mini-game, Hand Washing!, teaches people the steps on how to wash their hands properly in a fun way. The second mini-game, Catch the Mask, shows how masks are important and how to wear them. The third mini-game, Essential Shopping, demonstrates the crucial need for social distancing. The last mini-game, Symptoms, teaches how to identify the right symptoms of coronavirus. There are also short animations to educate about how the coronavirus started and how it spreads.

How we built it

We relied on the block-based coding software Scratch to program each mini-game and animation, and then used Google Slides to connect everything.

Challenges we ran into

It was a bit difficult because we did not have a lot of experience with game programming, but the result was very functional and entertaining. Another problem was keeping the same graphics and game style in all four mini-games as we are a team each working on different mini-games.

What's next for COVID4KIDS Game

Currently our game is web-based and uses Scratch and Google Slides, so the next implementation would be improving the game by using a real game software to make an app that could be downloaded off the app store in order to provide a more user friendly experience on all platforms to our users. Through the app process we would continue to integrate new features and mini-games that further elevate the game experience for the children.

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