The purpose of this project is to build a consolidated global map and timeline for data on the spread of COVID-19. It is based off of existing data from John Hopkins University for global data, the New York Times for United States data, and the New York City Department of Health for New York City-local data. If the time constraints permit, we may be able to add other major cities in the United States.

For this project, we ended up building a COVID-19 web page that tracks the case counts and trends of COVID-19 around the world. We built a timelapse showing how cases spread around the globe, in the United States and at a county level. We also built a visualization just for New York City that shows cases by ZIP code. There's much work to be done and issues to fix, but it works for now.

"If we scroll around the map, we can see a bunch of countries. If we click on the United States, we can get some information specifically from the United States. Notice that on the left panel we can switch between Confirmed Cases and Deaths. If we click on the Play Timelapse button, it shows us a timelapse of cases. So there are still a few bugs to work out as you can see, the map starts out as read but over time you can see the data coming in. We can then leave the timelapse and go back to the United States view.

We can click on a state, like New York and click on Play timelapse here, and as you can see we have a timelapse here too. Then we can click on a place like New York City over here and view the data at a ZIP-code level. We can use the panel here to see the neighborhood trends or the charts.

As you may have noticed, the color coding for severity is currently not working because our color picking and scaling algorithm needs some work, but could be fixed over time."

The map polygon data is from Wikipedia and the John Hopkins data parser was based off of existing code. For this project, we will expand on this data parser to work with US data and if time permits, New York City data. The authors make no claims toward the validity or completeness of the data. Sources: - (generator/COVID-19) - (generator/coronavirus-data) - (generator/covid-19-data) - world population data (generator/global) - (generator/ - jhu transformer (generator/CreateGlobalCovidData) Wikipedia - geojson polygons - (docs/data/usa/counties,states.json) Open in GitPod:


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