We are group of volunteers who are concerened for our loved one's like everyone else hence working on this project to provide information and raise awareness about covid-19. Please stay safe and practice social distancing.

App provide following features:

  1. Realtime data and graphs of cases in App and Website both
  2. Latest news about covid-19 around the world and India.
  3. Daily alerts of cases with recovered and active cases data.
  4. Helpful information like precautions, symptoms and others from official sources like CDC, WH), Ministry of Health.

Data Disclaimer:

The data is collected and validated by group of volunteers from provided state information and official sources. Our data may be delayed or not exactly matching the official as we are combining them from multiple sources." We are also double checking the info of data collected by "Covid19Org" as well. Which is also a state wise confirmed data collection from multiple sources.

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You can also visit our supported website as well.

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