In the recent times because of COVID-19, different countries round the world has been insisting stay at homes and some places we see a strict lock down issued by local or state government. But, at some point of time we have to go out to get the minimal essentials like grocery. We decided to provide a feature which helps everyone to find whether a location they are about to visit is safe or not

What it does

As simple as a finding a user search location and informing if it is safe or not; yes with the help of data provided by either the victims of COVID-19 or by the volunteers who can provide data about the victims whom they have known.

How I built it

I built my website using google firebase hosting, firebase cli, google places api, node, HTML5, jquery, css and javascript.

Challenges I ran into

The idea is simple but understanding firebase and its components like firebase hosting, firestore and integrating with google maps and places api etc., took some time to meet the goals along with keeping in mind the recommendations from CDC.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Helping others is the main motto and I am proud of this by providing a suitable environment to the people who can utilize to help others thereby saving a lot many lives during this epidemic.

What I learned

I understand that this simple thought of helping others is the seed for this achievement and the process of achieving this is a good learning curve to me.

What's next for Covid19SafeZone

To integrate with other websites or health care systems which provide realtime data to make this more useful and reliable to the people.

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