The outcome is the recommendations:

  • Do nothing
  • Stay home and track your symptoms
  • Get in touch or visit the nearest test center (Based in your country)


  • All data stored locally in the user device and the website can work offline.
  • The content is personalized by the country as I am detecting the IP location at the start to make the patient more engaged.


  • Also as I want to reduce the onboarding time and interactions when a patient goes to a hospital that's why I implement a QR code(offline) that can help to ease onboarding the patient without asking questions just by scan QR code from any phone.

Online Doctor

  • In the last two cases, the user will get an option to talk with an online doctor without the doctor know who is the patient throw chat or voice.
  • As doctors from anywhere in the world, they can sign and I will validate the id using AI by identity verification and show him a list of patient need to give recommendations and which language they can speak and one the doctor start to click in one on the patient without getting any information about the patient.
  • The will get a temporary link to his email where he can start chat/talk to a real doctor.

Safe shopping

  • The users can access the map with the nearest supermarket with data from crowdsourcing about the available items and how busy is the supermarket.

Built With

  • arabic
  • english
  • french
  • german
  • italian
  • russian
  • spanish
  • turkish
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