As developers it is our responsibility to spread awareness among people about Covide19 and its drastic challenges throughout the world. This project is aimed towards visualizing and showcasing data related to Covid in a more comprehensible way.

What it does

The project visualizes the affected people, death rate and recovered people throughtout the globe and also in their countries.

How I built it

I have built the project using react.js framework alongwith Material UI and hooks, extracting data related to covid through multiple apis.

Challenges I ran into

React.js was a relatively new framework for me, having worked mainly on Angular before. It was refreshing and equally challenging to learn this light-weight framework and third party integrations since in Angular mostly of the functionalities are provided already.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learn and Create in the given time span.

What I learned

React and its multiple facets

What's next for Covid19_tracker

A much more elaborate platform involving donations and volunteer involvement using MERN stack!

Built With

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