The current pandemic has created a lot of challenges and hardships for everyone. On the news and from personal connections, we have seen many businesses struggling to reopen and get back onto their feet. A major problem that businesses have is being able to test their employees to ensure they do not have the virus before coming back to work. This inspired us to create an application to solve this problem.

What it does

The program allows employees to complete a daily questionnaire to assess their fitness to go to work each day If deemed unfit, the results of the questionnaire will be sent to the employee and the employee’s superior(s). In addition, the application will keep track of the 14 days of quarantine that people must undergo if they test positive for COVID, if they have recently travelled, or if they have recently met up with someone who recently travelled. This service will be paid for by the organization and each employee will create an account under the organization that must be approved by their superior

How I built it

We developed this application using c# as our team is the most proficient with this language. Our application uses the Windows Forms Apps (.Net Framework) where the user interacts with the forms. The application is connected to a Firebase database to allow the user to sign-up and login to their accounts.

Challenges I ran into

Initially, when we started to develop this project we faced the challenge of receiving errors when we shared our code on Github as we did not know how to clone the repository and how to pull and push code. However, we overcame this challenge by researching and asking for assistance when needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud of ourselves for creating and developing this project in 2 days! We accomplished our goal of creating an application that will help businesses transition out of lockdown and manage the spread of COVID in workplaces.

What I learned

Through developing and building this project we improved our coding skills in the c# language, learned how to connect our project to Firebase to store user information, and learned how to efficiently and effectively use Github.

What's next for COVID_Management

In the future, some improvements and additions to be added include implementing scheduling recommendations to modify shifts/start times/end times to respect physical distancing for small public workplaces such as retail and food.

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