Share information and challenge to create a simulator.

What it does

The users can navigate between a lot of charts to follow the progress. It's possible to select a lot of countries and compare them with others.

The simulator allows you to edit some parameters and check (in real-time) the spread of the virus.

How I built it

With bootstrap, Rest API and angular8. I use echarts to create the charts.

Challenges I ran into

The principal challenge was to find accurate data. Another one was learning to create simulator, so I used some game development skills (rudimentary)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A full working website totally free to use. It's available to all persons in the world!

I create a simulator with some editable parameters to check the spread of the virus on 2 cases, with quarantine and without.

What I learned

Good layout. A good display of information. A lot of echarts options. Game development.

What's next for #covid19 world progression

Machine learning... forecasting... improve performance on simulator.

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