The problem of getting the correct information about the virus, which is creating havoc allowed me to work on this project

What it does

The basic idea behind this project is that it provides you information about the virus, provides you information of nearby hospitals, places where the maximum crowd is there and then world man projecting the number of patients spread during the havoc

How I built it

The Application is Build On Android Studio For The Phones Having Android above 6.0

Challenges I ran into

a) Getting the API for the maps b) Correct information source since the knowledge about the virus is very less

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Proud to be able to complete my project within a 10 days period of time

What I learned

During my project, I learned about the coronavirus (covid19) what could be the best steps to eradicate the disease also worked on major 2 API's on Google i.e google places and google maps, API

What's next for Covid19

An extra feature which will determine whether you are infected by the virus or not, also total number of hospitals which are having fewer patients for coronavirus so that the user gets less probability of getting infected

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