Our app was designed to inspire and motivate users to adopt and learn new skills during these challenging times. It is a platform meant to empower. This is needed now more than before as people tend to lose hope since job losses were rampant and the economy has spiraled. With our Covid19 Wingman as your "virtual assistant", the idea is that a single platform will help users stay informed and promote learning via virtual channels.

How it was built

Aastha worked on UI and News API implementation Kai-Ann worked on the JSON API for the remainder of the categories we have outlined in the app

Challenges we ran into

We ran out of time and could not implement a lot of APIs we found. Our sprint for this project was only a few days. We ended up modifying JSON data at the last minute to meet MVP needs and this is how data is displayed for all of our sections except News. Aastha was able to successfully implement the News API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to implement the News API and have a functional front-end design. Also learnt BLoC pattern and be able to implement it.

What's next for Covid19 Wingman

1) API Implementation for each section 2) Return User-refined data based on preferences and likes of the user

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