Tourists entering any country are facing the same issue, which is necessary to have travel planning such as prepare physical documents like itineraries, travel insurance and country navigation etc

What it does / Your solution and what it does ?

Business Case: This application serves as a digitalized paltform for integrating travel and health needs of tourists

Step 1: Tourists check in to the application with an automated scheduling itinerary plan by our AI bot, Alvis.

Step 2: The itinerary and travel plans get updated with suggestions like new places and local food / accomodation recommendations. The system will also monitor your health and travel plans by providing notifications and diagnostics

Step 3: The user would have their itinerary updated and advised with new itinerary plans

Step 4: The user could form travel communities using the application for tips on travelling safely

travel-alvis is an AI powered digital check in solution for tourists , which enhances their travel experience by replacing physical touch with elegant diagnostics and contactless checkpoints for post COVID-19 with AR experiences

The travel problem your project solves, including TravelScrum challenge(s)

Travel: Enhancing travel experiences through immersive AR

Health and Safety: Algorithmic analysis of user health

Business Impact: This application would be useful in creating health safety measures for tourists travelling in post COVID-19. The application offers responses and right steps to take through our features

1) AI-powered itinerary system assistant 2) echoAR modelling of travel attractions 2) Chat support

The application serves as a digitalized and contactless delivery of travel whereby users are more connected and feel safe in response to preparing for post COVID-19

Upon opening of economy, more tourists would be encouraged to take up travel commitments by better insuring their travel. Each user would have their travel insurance tracked in our system

Originality: Yes, we are one of the few with travel and wellness elements, all in one application !

How I built it

The application was built using Bootstrap 4 framework, echoAR, google firebase, google cloud

Challenges I ran into

The integration of different technologies to make an application fully functional was challenging. I had overcame it through mentor discussion and help from T/S community

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The new implementation of AR elements for travel and health purposes is a new concept and implementation which I am proud of

What I learned

I learned about new technology providers such as airline content technologies and immersive technologies like echoAR

What's next for travel-alvis

The application would be further scaled as a travel and health community for tourists to find suitable accommodation or hospitals and enable better tracking of patients' well being.

  • Revenue model would be used as pay per use model, which allows users to customize their travel needs

  • Tourists coming in to any country could check in to this application for quick diagnostics for free

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