This project is inspired by the current epidemic situation. It aims to help people making appointments to COVID19 test.

What it does

It is an ios app help people to make an appointment about their COVID19 test. This app will use the current position of the users, and returns the four nearest testing places. Users can make their appointment on the official website of the testing place or make their appointment via phone.

How I built it

I create the UI part using swiftUI. I build the backend on aws and using node.js to handle the http requests. Meanwhile, I build the database using MongoDB. The database contains two collections, one is for user info, the other is for testing places info. Latter I plan to add another collection, which saves all the historical testing records of users and the corresponding testing report.

Challenges I ran into

I am new to swift, besides learning how to programming in swift, I encountered another challenge on communicating between the frontend to the backend. It is about using URL to authenticate username and password. I tried to define a Bool type variable flag, whose default value is false, and assign true to flag when the backend can find a user in with the userName and password equal to what the user inputed. But it seems that the value of flag will never change, it will always be the default. To solve this problem, I created a variable ObservedObject, through this new variable, the value of flag can finally be changed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I finished creating this project in 24 hours~

What I learned

Basic programming about SwiftUI, Node.js and MongoDB.

What's next for COVID19 Test Helper

I plan to create a Button named "History", when users click this button, he/she can review all the historical tests and preview the testing result on their phone.

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