My inspirations comes from the fear of this pandemic growing disproportionately. The fear that my family and friends could continue with their daily lives without recognizing a positive test for the virus. Now becoming a carrier. Potentially harming the older population without even realizing it. Why not validate the symptoms sooner, reaching out to a medical professional and reducing the possible exposure one may have on another, flattening the curve.

As of March 21, 2020

Coronavirus Cases: 308,609

Deaths: 13,069

Recovered: 95,829

What it does

CovidCatcher identifies a user with strong symptoms of the virus, "catches them", and reports meaningful and effective responses/dialogues with the user, in order for them to make more educated decisions on how to handle the current problem.

How I built it

Using Watson Cloud from IBM, I created the parameters and rules on their website. Once created, I established IBM's API relationship with Wordpress or my website. My website is "" which is a website meant to host my blogging work. I decided it would be appropriate to include this feature on my website during this time, because many people are feeling panic, fear, anxiety and so fourth. If I could help relieve even one individual, my job is complete.

Challenges I ran into

    Cloud Terminology API Connection What an intent is How to use dialogue on IBM's website

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am mostly proud of the fact that I came across this Hackathon less then 24 hours into the process and participated in it.. As many of us are sitting at home unsure of the future, or just getting complacent with life, I decided to give this pandemic a small fight. I know, I didn't save a life. But I provided a small solution that could change the trajectory of how they view this season. In addition, learning Watson Cloud from IBM was so fascinating. I am so encouraged to learn more about cloud computing. I had no idea the amount of power these companies have provided us developers.

What I learned

I learned that tenacity ultimately dominates intellect when intellect does not decide to show up! Learning to learn is so import in moments like this. I was discouraged countless times by roadblocks that I faced. But deep down, I understood the level of will power it will take to complete a project with such little amount of time.

What's next for CovidCatcher

Ultimately saving actual lives. Providing real time stats of how much vaccine is present at X hospital. Providing real time stats of how much poultry and necessary food items are at grocery stores using a social network(facebook) to publish/post images of the local grocery store they attend(in return for some sort of user incentive).

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posted an update

I decided to host CovidCatcher on my blog website

During this season, everyone is only thinking about the topic of COVID19. So to help any audience that might be jumping onto my blog's website. I decided to provide a little portion of my website to helping relieve or solve any concerns people may have of this pandemic.

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posted an update

I decided on the conversational AI platform

I did some research on the AI platforms that would not only support my needs as a developer but also provide strong AI solutions. I decided to use IBM's Watson. It essentially takes a part the english sentence, categorizes parts such as: entities, subjects, and intents, and utilizes mind-mapping or a form of flow chart to walk through the conditional processes.

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posted an update

I decided on the idea I want to go ahead with

Although it might seem simple, I would much rather create a minimum viable product to show for, rather than pontificate on something sophisticated and have nothing to submit. My idea involves a chat bot that helps users identify if they have strong symptoms of this pandemic. If so, they would be connected to a health official. During this crisis, many of us citizens are not trained when it comes to experiencing a pandemic. So streamlining something in this manner, could not only be efficient, but effective.

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