During this pandemic, many businesses are closed and it is so hard to find an open place. Also, the number of the cases is increasing rapidly, and there might be dangerous spots. We need a customized map with updated resources that shows alerts and the open businesses.

What it does

It starts by chatting with a Facebook Messenger chatbot. The chatbot will provide Three options to choose from. If the user chose to view the map, a prompt will ask for the zip code, and then go to display this area on the map. Moreover, if the user ask to subscribe, he will enter his email address and add it to the Database. Finally, if the user need help, a customer service representative will help him. The map is connected to a customizable database and the user can add places and view information about other places that was added during this pandemic period using this. Finally, the map will have alerts points for the places that are considered unsafe and other informations.

How I built it

I built it with JavaScript on Node.JS framework. First, I built the messenger web-hook, developed the map, and created the database. Then, I wrote a script to handle the messages and the post-back events for the chatbot. Finally, I connect the map to the database and to the chatbot.

Challenges I ran into

The time was very tight. Moreover, Adding more features on the map was very difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project is working as expected and it is scalable. Also, I finished the project on my own in a very tight timeframe.

What I learned

I have learned that APIs are awesome and very helpful. Also, the amount of the open source packages that are available can help build a new world. Finally, this awesome experience is changing my life.

What's next for COVID19 Maps

1- Create a special page for the app. 2- Scale the application and expand the database. 3- Add AR games and effects on the map. 4- Limit adding new places or information to require approval. 5- Develop an automated zip-code based mailing list.

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