During online classes, many students verbally harass the teachers and students of the class. This spoils the whole environment of the class, So we decided to block these students using speech recognition technology. Then we all must have seen that delivering the things without contact has become a major problem, therefore we designed a hand gesture moving messenger who deliver things to Covid19 infected people in care centers.

What it does

The first part is a remote education android app which resolves all the problems stated above. It contains all the features a student will want in his/her app. We tried to involve every activity that we use to do in offline college times in this App. It consists of Video call functionality with a special feature of blocking students who are speaking abusive or bad words during a live session. The student will be reported to the admin of the app and all the records of the blocked student will be sent to the admin app. Admin can unblock the student again. Then our app contains a chat room for each classroom a student is enrolled in, it will allow the students and teachers to communicate as they use to do in Offline College. Then comes the appointment feature. Before contacting any teacher we have to make an appointment with him/her to ask for their time. So our App includes this cool feature of appointment for the students. This reduces the chaos and brings the working thing so that follows proper protocol. Teachers wanted an invigilation system to invigilate students during the test. In our App, we provided this feature by camera proctored examination feature. Under this a teacher can proctor all students through their webcams while the students are giving tests, also the teacher can pass their voice in the whole class to convey messages during tests. Also, our app has a feature of assignment submission. The teachers can upload the assignment questions along with the due date and students on the other hand can upload the solutions of these tests on the app itself.

How I built it

We used the android studio to build a remote education app. For backend, we used firebase realtime database. For identification of abusive words we used IBM speech to text services to convert the speech of the students in text and then we used this text in the loop to find whether he is abusing or not. We took the dataset of abusive words from Kaggle and gitHub. For our IoT bot, we used the hand gesture sensor and on the basis of the gesture, the robocare bot will move and deliver thing to patients. It can also be used as a wheelchair.

Challenges I ran into

We faced many challenges like detecting and blocking students who speak the abusive language during the live class. We wanted to make something that everyone can relate with offline college activities. Therefore, we need proper planning and structure. The assignment section needed a proper structure to be executed. Teachers all over the globe wanted a platform for cheat-proof examination. Our challenge was to make a cam proctored examination with cheat-proof features like on leaving the test you can not re-enter it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of our abusive language detector system which blocks users when they speak bad words. Also, the structure we made is highly related to offline day to day activities. Our cam proctored test system is awesome, and it restricts the user from cheating and helps the invigilator to invigilate during a test.

What I learned

We learned, how to work with the realtime database, how to use IBM's speech to text services to detect abusive words. In this pandemic situation, we learned the complete use of GitHub and how to collaborate our work with teammates. Also, we learned some new IoT features which helped us to make the robocare bot.

What's next for Covid19 Kit

For future aspects we are planning to make a complete, general messenger system for private and government offices which they can use to share files, letters, assigning task and doing all other stuffs which people do in offline office hours.

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