Perhaps the most challenging for all governments at this point of the COVID-19 pandemic is to have the necessary tool that could track down COVID-19 positive individuals and trace possible carriers.

What it does

What COVID19 iTracker would hope to accomplish to be able to record individual movements or places they have been, and establishments visited.

On its initial use, the COVID-19 iTracker will profile the user and its household - gather personal and other essential information such as the exact home address, the number of individuals in their home and their ages. Using the application is very easy. Before the individual leaves the house, simply starts the application and brings the mobile device. In the background, the application will record the geolocation and establishments being visited. Close the application once it reached home.

Individuals using COVID-19 iTracker will have a social obligation to provide his/her current health condition as well. Provide daily health updates such as, if having any flu symptoms, or undergoing tests or tested as POSITIVE. POSITIVE tested individuals are to be verified by their Local or their COMMUNITY HEALTH OFFICE. The COMMUNITY HEALTH OFFICE could also act as the COMMAND CENTER for COVID-19 iTracker.

At the COMMAND CENTER, records of positive-tested individuals can be immediately retrieved. Data map showing the person's travel or movements is loaded and the system will be able to trace down other individuals who might be exposed to the virus on any given date or span of dates, time and places.

With the COVID-19 iTracker, I would hope to help the WHO and other governments of the world in identifying at the earliest who has the virus, trace its movements, help the individual and eventually stop its spread

How I built it

This mobile application will be built in REACT-NATIVE, FIREBASE, NodeJS, MongoDB/MySQL. The heart of the system is the integration and use of the Google Places, Geolocation and Map API.

Challenges I ran into

Limited knowledge and experience in Artificial Intelligence to predict a more accurate number of exposure based on location density.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At this point, I really have nothing to be proud of. My main objective is to help governments track down and stop the spread of COVID-19.

What I learned

What's next for COVID19 iTracker

Link and integrate COVID-19 iTracker with other COVID-19 related resources.

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