We are Bangalore based group of Entrepreneurs & Techies, always look for creative & innovative solutions for the better living of society. In very difficult & tough ongoing Corona Virus Pandemic everyone is facing the problem of getting essentials, specially poor & needy peoples to survive in this tough situation. Considering this tough on going situation for poor & needy, we have come up with an Innovative solution (Through App) by which we can provide information about the availabilitie of the FREE Necessities near to them by bringing Service Providers like donators of Food, Medicine, Groceries and other necessities to survive in this tough situation. We have observed that many Individuals, NGO’s & companies willing to help & provide possible necessities for needy. But due to lack of information as in where to supply or distribute many are not able to contribute in this tough situation. To Solve this we have launched a very Innovative and useful App ( Help4All ), by which once that App is in public domain will bring Service Provides & needy people under one roof so that these donators can show their location ( On Google map ) & service offered by them like free food packets, free groceries, doctors giving free treatment to patients, organizations setting up lodging camps where needy & homeless can get shelter and stay etc. to survive the tough condition to make INDIA fight with Corona Virus. By installing this App anyone and everyone can see the service provider location near to them on Google Map with offerings like free food, groceries, medicines etc. and where all free camps are set up to stay & survive. Once user opens App he/she can see the locations of the service providers in their areas’ where they can move and avail the service like food, groceries etc distribution happening. If they are not able to go like elderly peoples they can raise the alarm which will alert service providers in that area so that the food etc can be made available to elderly peoples at their place We have put very Innovative IDEA of including two SOS buttons on Map ( 1. Medical Emergency 2. Food Emergency ( I need food & Help ) so any one is in need of any Medical Emergency can Push the Medical Emergency Button and His Location & Mobile No will start Flashing on Map so that everyone including Police etc will be able to see and will help him. If Some needy & Poor people push Food Emergency button then also his location & no will flash so that any organization of Govt. official ( Like Police ) can reach to him and provide him help. Also Elderly peoples can raise the alarm if they need any help to alert nearby peoples. By This App we will urge Police Department to play an active role in distribution & Collection of the necessities from the peoples want to offer food etc we will ask general public to use this app and put an Indication on App what they want to give to poor & needy peoples like food etc so that the Police can collect from them and made available to distribution or lodging camps as general public will not be able to move out far from their area (this role police can play very well). Hi friends download this app by below link for only android devices


Once u install the app select category carefully

  1. As user is only for poor n needy people
  2. As service provider is for if you want to help poor n needy near to your area
  3. For tracking only is for general public who just want to watch n see but later can become service provider means they want to help
  4. For only Govt. officials like police n other govt. agencies involved in providing services

We ask public to support this noble cause by down loading the App and using this app to be aware of the situation and participate in offering whatever they can to help the poor & needy peoples. We will keep innovating & updating this app on day to day basis with new features to make it more simple and useful to everyone who is in need.

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