The first issue that came in my country was the disinformation. The Government was trying to stop that but not so much successfully. The reason why that happened was because the information about how to protect yourself from COVID-19 and other related news was spread out. Everyone was writing about it, even people who wanted to make money from Click bait. So the idea was to combine the information from the WHO, Ministry of Health into one place and make it interactive, real time and provide updates via Notifications about the situation

What it does

The app is a basic 4 page apps. One with the information screen with the goal of bringing basic information from the user, such as the number of infected, cured, deceased. How you can recognize COVID-19, How to protect yourself and a FAQ. The App has all the phone numbers released by the Ministry of Health in case you suspect you have COVID, so you can get tested faster. And of course support for Firebase Cloud Messaging so in case of a Press Coverage or Important Update the User can get informed instantly.

How I built it

I used flutter because it was the fastest way to ship a product on both iOS and Android

Challenges I ran into

One of the Challenges that will hunt this project is that it will never be able to live on the Google Play Store or App Store due to their policy about Sensitive Events. So the current way of downloading the app is via GitHub Releases, which users aren't

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built my first Android and iOS App, but i also got my first Rejection from Google Play! For violating policy

What I learned

Learned even more about how to write Flutter Apps, and that Getting Rejected sucks. But that shouldn't stop you from building new things

What's next for Covid19 Guide

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