How to quick start using the app

Step 1
Clone repository or download ZIP file

Step 2
Open a terminal at eosio_exposure_notifications directory

Step 3
At the opened terminal type: flutter run
Then press enter

Step 4
Turn on the bluetooth on your mobile device

Step 5
Wait for EOSIO Public Health Authority App

Step 6
If you think you have been exposed to COVID‑19 and develop a fever and symptoms, such as cough or difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice.
When infected with COVID-19 press on 'NOTIFY OTHERS'

Step 7
An authorized healthcare provider with valid Owner and Active Private keys will complete the next screen and press 'submit'

Step 8
You will be notified if you have been exposed to someone who reported a positive COVID-19 result.

Inspiration for EOSIO Public Health Authority App

This software is inspired by the need of a solution for decentralized contact tracing by merging blockchain technology and Bluetooth technology on Android and iOS mobile devices.

What EOSIO Public Health Authority App does

Using Bluetooth technology this app generates and broadcast UUIDs so other users can scan and save such UUIDs. At the moment of infection the app notify and report the infected UUIDs to the EOSIO blockchain. User gets alerts when the app algorithm matches a scanned UUID with a reported UUID.

How I built EOSIO Public Health Authority App

Built with Flutter Mobile UI Framework for Android and iOS.

What I learned

  1. How to create flutter plugins.
  2. How to create and push transactions to EOSIO blockchain programmatically using dart programing language.

What's next for Covid19 Contact Tracing

  1. Implement iOS UUIDs scanning

Built With

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