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What it does

The App acts a single source of truth platform for getting realtime status of the covid beds. The admin users of the government / private hospitals will update the status of the beds availability. patients can lookup the beds availability. They can also submit form - we can know the demand for beds and cases.

1. Both Private and public hospitals admin users can login into the application and update their respective beds,services,etc status.
2. Patients looking for Covid ICU Beds can submit the form.
3. We can get realtime insights about the shortage or avalability of beds and guide the patient accordingly.
4. Also, other  services information like Plasma, Ventilator, ICU etc can also be maintained.
5. The stakeholders to this platform are Public, private hospitals, and patients. 
6. This model can be replicated across all cities and countries and covid related services can also be added.

How I built it

I built using Quickbase Visual Builder

Challenges I ran into

Little learning curve involved in getting used to the Quickbase Visual Builder

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Solving a real problem using the correct tool.

What I learned

Learned about Quickbase, basics hospital management and crisis management.

What's next for Covid19 Beds Availablility

I want to take to live and implement it in a city realtime.

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