We felt the difficulty covid19 patients face as they have to visit to hospital to check whether any bed is vacant in the hospital, if there's nil then the patient has to reach another hospital which creates problem for patients as well as hospital staffs.

What it does

Our web application allows hospital management to directly feed number of beds available and it is being added dynamically into the map. Patient can access this map to see the availabilty of beds in his/her region as well as get directions to the hospital.

How we built it

We used Bootstrap for front end and php for backend and ms-sql for database. We used python and jquery for chatbot. We used pandas streamlit for creating maps and displaying values.

Challenges we ran into

Hosting our data science web app was a bit tedious for ous.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

User can zoom in till he/she sees every streets and the hospital name and number of beds available and availabilty of ventilators.

What we learned

We learned new python libraries that we are looking forward to implement in future as well.

What's next for Covid19 BedChecker

Tying up with hospitals to get real time data, instead of a data set.

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