As we wanted to explore Canada post covid lockdowns, we wanted to know which provinces were safe to travel to. This leads us to "COVID watchdog", a web application that allows us to plan safe and exciting trips.

What it does

We developed a web application that is a one-way stop for all COVID information and informs us whether it's recommended to travel to a specific province or region.

How we built it

By utilizing the MERN stack and the APIs and we were able to gather statistical data for provinces and health regions. We analyze covid cases, vaccination rates, population information and through a built-in model, give a recommendation of whether you should travel to the region/province. Furthermore, we utilize react simple maps we display this data in a user-friendly manner.

Challenges we ran into

Allowing our application to be as efficient as possible by speeding up API access calls without slowing down the application. Issues were faces regarding promises and async functions that caused blockers. Some libraries crashed due to the data values being parsed. All issues were thankfully resolved.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing and coordinating in order to develop an application that we believe can be useful to all Canadian citizens who wish to plan a holiday or weekend trip. In addition to new learning experiences and working with great teammates, we all seemed to come out with smiles on our faces.

What we learned

Coordination and more of the complex aspects of the MERN stacks. Dealing with large data sets, filtering them, and developing user-friendly models were fields we developed throughout the hackathon. In addition to this, the short time period allowed us to be on high alert and work in a structured and professional manner.

What's next for COVID WATCHDOG

We hope that COVID watchdog could, later on, help users not just plan their trips in Canada, but around the world. In addition to providing health organizations and other parties useful information as we proceed with the steps following the COVID lockdown.

Built With

  • mern
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