The bureaucratic challenges of managing COVID-19 make returning back to normal operations in the workplace and school difficult. As a vaccine is still far on the horizon a universal way to be able to track employees' and students' daily health checkups, test results, and vaccinations will make day to day operations much easier.

What it does

COVID Watch provides a clean and simple way for organizations and schools to manage their employees and students in regards to COVID. Employees and students can submit daily checkups reporting temperature and symptoms to their respective organizations. Once these users have been tested for COVID the COVID Watch app provides an easy way for their organizations to see the results and administration date of tests. Once COVID vaccinations are made public the app also allows users to report when they receive these vaccines. Organizations can see and manage their members with a quick and easy way to access the reported daily health checkups, test results, and vaccinations of their members. Additionally, if the unfortunate happens, organizations are also able to indicate their members should quarantine.

How we built it

The application is based on React Native/Expo and utilizes TypeScript and the Apollo GraphQL client to access information provided by the AWS AppSync API.

All backend resources are orchestrated by AWS Amplify including the database, user authentication, and API. The GraphQL Codegen is used to automatically generate types and queries based on GraphQL query, mutation, and fragment files in the /graphql directory.

Authentication is preformed by the aws-amplify NPM package, which provides nice APIs to access user credentials and authentication state.

Challenges we ran into

Because this was everyone's first relatively large Git project, we ran into many merge errors when trying to bring the frontend and backend branches together. Combined with the issues we had syncing to AWS, this cost us a couple of hours of troubleshooting, but once we figured it out, things went quite smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many of the technologies we used for this project were new to us. We had never made a mobile app before, we had never used React or Typescript, and we mainly worked alone before the project. Learning all of these technologies in the span of one weekend is something we were all very proud of.

What we learned

We learned that making an app is no easy task. Whenever we thought we were ahead of schedule, we realized we were actually hours behind. We learned that in-person (socially distanced) communication is key to troubleshooting problems and staying on the same page.

What's next for COVID Watch

We had a lot of other features in mind for COVID Watch that didn't make it into the final build, such as announcements, more widgets, and better interactivity. Now that the event is done, we can focus on making our app even better.

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