My group's inspiration was our experience we had in quarantine. We noticed that there was a lack of accurate information of where testing centers were located and resources about COVID. We wanted people to find stats and help to decrease COVID numbers by doing that.

What it does

Our website gives recent and well-informed resources for anyone wanting to learn more about Coronavirus. On the map page it includes a function where a user can input their location to find the nearest testing center in their area. While on the bottom there is a Coronavirus map tracker that not only shows how many cases there are world wide, but charts too.

How I built it

We built this by using HTML and CSS. However for some of our parts we did use outside resources like Elfsight and other created maps to embed into our website.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges we ran into were creating our initial idea of our map being a way to embed Google Maps, however, it seems that there were some complications of getting the API key and rights to do that. Also fixing our navbar due to that there were some bugs that appeared near the end of our planning of our website. Another thing was creating a layout for our homepage due to that there were many things we originally wanted to have,but we were not able to code them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our accomplishments are that we are proud of getting a map into our website even though it was not our original code. Another thing is our resource page that has not only well-informed resources, but fun interactive functions.

What I learned

We learned not only skills in HTML and CSS,but more facts and information about COVID and the impact it has globally.

What's next for Covid Watch

Our future plans for Covid Watch are to add a coding tracker/navigator for the user. To partner with local companies and to use AI to detect numbers. To grow our user base, by advertising on social media and connecting with other organizations and start ups. We plan to develop COVID Watch into a mobile app so that it is more accessible and easy to use.

Built With

  • animate.css
  • castlight
  • css
  • elfsight
  • html
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