The ironic thought of creating and enjoying a COVID game during the COVID pandemic inspired us. The coders on our team were intermediate Python coders and wanted to put their skills on show. So , we came up with the best idea we could execute which is making a Tic Tae Toe game using python. Not to mention the twist i.e COVID VERSION.

We built the code using python on . The neon themed prototype was made on Canva . Lastly an online platform called Mockups was used for prototyping and wireframing.

There were quite the challenges. One , we had a first time hacker on our team. Being a team of three , we had a workload. Especially the team-lead(me). Choosing from a list of ideas was another obstacle. Eventually , taking into account the skills possessed and the status of the team , it was decided to create a COVID game using python. There was a little miscommunication. But we coped!

We are proud of the way the prototypes turned out! Team coordination and consensus building is a plus.

We learned to include everyone in a way or other . We learned to coordinate and communicate online to complete the project.

COVID VERSION TIC TAC TOE, down the lane, will try to get itself deployed online. And have the prototypes transformed into real life project. We hope to learn more and acquire the skills in order to make the above happen.

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