We are all dealing with a never seen before crisis of coronavirus pandemic that has brought the whole world to its knees. It has affected every aspect of human life from the way we breathe to the way we travel. Luckily in these trying times, we are finally seeing a ray of hope in the form of covid vaccines which are proving to be effective. However, presently there is no system in place for an individual to authenticate that they have been vaccinated and don't pose threat to others. This results in travelers having to get themselves tested every time they travel and show the test results at the time of boarding and landing the plane. Imagine an individual having to travel urgently and not being able to get the results in time! Some countries have rules that force an individual to quarantine in government facilities for a week or until they test negative. This inconvenience can be avoided for an individual who has been vaccinated as he can show his digital covid passport as the proof of being covid safe and thereby one can travel freely at any point without having to get themselves tested every time they decide to travel.

What it does

How we built it

We have used the MERN stack for developing this web app. Also, stored data in different schemas so that it's easily accessible to the users and the hospital vaccination providers.

Challenges we ran into

React.js framework was new to us and we always wanted to learn it. So, this opportunity seemed like a great opportunity to learn and develop something meaningful. Also, setting up connections for each and every route in the backend consumed a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learned React.js and developed a full stack web app within 24 hours. Also, building something for the betterment of society is what made us work for this project.

What we learned

React.js, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MongoDB, Express, Node.js

What's next for Covid vaccination passport

The vaccination status can be shared directly with the airlines at the time of booking the flight in order to avoid dependence on the internet or cellphone at the time of boarding or landing. Also, develop a mobile app for ease in usage. Incorporate an analytics section for the analysts to regulate the circulation of vaccines efficiently. As all the vaccination data is available in the centralized database, an analytics section can be incorporated to give an overview of region-wise vaccination requirement and availability. This would facilitate efficient circulation of vaccination.

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