The main idea behind Covid is to have a platform where people can crowd volunteer for physical helping people in need (groceries, carer, pet walker, etc), in their communities, in times like this (and not only).

I was also thinking about a real time single source of truth (where possible with the help of the governments). There are way too many fake news, fake data, fake profiles spreading fear and panic. While big companies are doing their best to eliminate fake news, for Covid, I was thinking to implement or a similar "trustable" source.

Part of the next steps for Covid, is to implement a hierarchical user base where for example, a hospital manager can assign a dedicated person who will update the numbers (in this situation, we are talking about new cases, deaths, etc). and an online shop for event-specific companies to sell or donate their merchandise and/or services. For example, people would be able to buy masks, bread, sanitisers, etc. at the correct prices.

What I see for Covid is to become a Glocal support platform in case of emergencies that can be white labeled and offered to local communities or governments in different scenarios: fire (Australia and Amazon), flood, hurricane or ... a pandemic.

The platform is currently a proof of concept and the code can be downloaded from my Github account . My Facebook friends responded quite well to the idea and I hope other people will respond well too.

My time is very limited (I am a husband, the father of a 18 months boy, expecting a daughter any day now, I have a 9 to 5 job and also doing freelancing / consulting), and I was hoping to gather some interest from the opensource community, because we can achieve so many things together, in the fastest way possible.

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