there are 2 type of persons in the earth right now. 1 Want to know what is happening around to stay safe*but* getting false information mostly 2 Don't care about things, because they need food. but they can travel safe to earn it.

After pandemic, Small business might die. people wants to do business staying safe. In third words specially like mine, there are so many daily wagers who still don't care about COVID __ they need to work every day to earn bread.__

What it does

Our application help to plan traveling and plan safe traveling. We are aiming to help these daily wagers and specially small businesses, who are the reason to feed daily wagers, to do their business and stay safe at the same time. Application can help not only to share situation awareness and allow traveling at partial level. Additionally, under some term and conditions (vary country to country), it can help to detect if someone became the carrier of COVID around the society by keeping the history of its traveling. We have to come out of the box to fight is pandemic. So I am at-least has no issues in sharing location information of mine.

How I built it

We build a simple maps application using Android Studio. Application gets original dataset of confirmed patients, suspected persons and deaths registered from Govt Authorities (currently testing it with success). Than we draw heat maps accordingly. Those heat maps are accessible from certain height only to respect the social status of any patient. Now these maps helps end user to see COVID station around him. How its developing? and also recording the history of your travel. Travel History is actually most important part here. Through this we are achieving 2 major goals to detect any possible COVID spread. 1) we are showing any person, who just marked as INFECTED, his travel history of all 14 days with stops. It helps him to recall his interactions. 2) we are detecting persons (who are also registered to our application) who came near to this just INFECTED person upto 20 meters. So early detection prevents critical patients' ratio.

Challenges I ran into

Biggest challenge is to education people that its not their privacy breach. We did allowed people to get registered using fake names but verified contact number. So they somewhat feels okay with system. Additionally, We are using different means to educate people that its WAR time. To overcome such situations, we have to go out of the box.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We, as team, are proud of accomplishing following things. a) Youth is accepting the idea, We have registered so a good number of volunteers so far for testing purposes only. Within last 24 hours of the call. b) We are very very happy that we have tested our logic of detecting possible Infected person, with success. c) We achieved everything within one week of idea conceiving.

What I learned

there 2 things we learned. 1) People have no issue sharing same info with big giants, but they will give you hard time. 2) Its easy to convinced people by telling them the truth.

What's next for COVID-Tracker

we are now trying to make it official with Govt. We definitely not going to own it, this app and its all data's custodian will be Govt authorities. Because, this is the only way to get most out of it. Secondly, we are jumping into creating wearable over same basic idea. affordable wearable can get most of the people into same cycle of location history. Those wearable, without unnecessary sensors, will boost people confidence on this system.

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