We made this tracker so people could stay safe from COVID. The application gives active notifications, so people know when they have to wear a face mask and practice social distancing. This app also allows someone who gets easily confused by technology, such as my grandmother, to access information quick and easily, instead of having to search for the information in a conventional web browser by themselves.

What it does

The COVID Tracker is an Android app that warns people with a push notification when they are in a ZIP Code that has more than 350 cases of COVID. This allows people to be more cautious and put a mask on in a high risk area. There are buttons that take you to the websites of health departments and the news.

How I built it

I used MIT App Inventor, a GUI for creating Android apps.

Challenges I ran into

Overlaying the map of the cases over the street map. Linking the button to the website link. Getting the map to calibrate correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the map to work. Linking the buttons to the news websites.

What I learned

MIT App Inventor is limited in features, compared to Android Studio.

What's next for COVID Tracker

Right now, the app only works in Santa Clara County, as the Santa Clara County Public Health is our only source. If we had more time, we will extract more data from other sources, including the CDC and other local health departments.

We will plan to add a feature that will give a warning if a person is in a supermarket or restaurant, as these are places where the virus could be transmitted easily.

Implement a feature that will determines the density of cell phones in one area. Using this statistic, the app will give a notification to practice social distancing and wear a face mask.

Integrated news articles the app if you scroll down. This will make it easier to access, instead of having to leave the app.

In the next phase of development, we will plan to add live information directly from the online database, instead of using a predownloaded CSV file. This will give people the most accurate information about the virus. We will also integrate a graph of the COVID cases into the application if we had more time. This will allow people to visualize the cases.

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