Me and my team get inspiration through observations that we have done for some time, we observe that a lot of people went to the hospital to check whether they are affected by corona or not, even though the symptoms they experiencing has nothing to do with corona or only mild symptoms where in the case of mild symptoms they do not need to be hospitalized, but remain at home and maintain health, but there are still many people who do not understand it and flock to the hospital and cause the hospital to be full and even worse, it increases the likelihood that corona will spread to their bodies. That's what made us think of creating this website, so that people who are worried about his/her health or the symptoms they are experiencing don't need to go to the hospital, they can check it out from their respective homes, and if the results show he has corona then they will be encouraged to stay at home and call the nearest hospital for treatment

What it does

It functions to calculate the likelihood or percentage of a person whether he/her has corona or not

How I built it

We build it using bootstraps, HTML and javascript

Challenges I ran into

the challenge we face is the difficulty of getting together and discussing the projects that will be created due to the widespread of corona

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The project are finished and it work out well

What I learned

What we learn here is patience and hard work, where we have to communicate remotely, creating this project with minimal facilities, but all of that we can complete also with good cooperation

What's next for COVID-TESTER

Developing this project for the better and also interesting and useful for people around the world

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