We all have been reading so many stories that are shared in social media from nurses/doctors, seniors, family, people in need. A common place to share and read these stories is still missing. The story coming directly from people affected by the virus, I believe, will have greater impact in understanding the effects of virus on someone's life, thus helping others feel part of the same community that has come together and overcome it.

What it does

It lets users share their COVID-19 story.

How I built it

I used WordPress & Bootstrap to build it.

Challenges I ran into

How to keep owners anonymous if they want to ? Supporting posting story without logging in The data load(post, pictures, comments) and its affect in my server

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Idea to implementation within a day. The feeling that this will inspire others to do something new after reading stories.

What I learned

There is always something we all can do to help each other.

What's next for COVID Stories

Supporting searching/filtering with many fields Support for languages Support for commenting and sharing Support for donating to families Support for pictures mode Support for videos

Built With

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