We were inspired by the current distrust in the vaccine, to help show people that it is working. We also want to be able to keep people safe as they begin to travel again and more stuff opens up!

What it does

Shows the progression of Covid versus vaccination rates. Also allows the user to query the server through text message to get the current risk level for a given county

How we built it

For the backend we used Python. The Server is done with Bottle and text message requests are handled by the Twilio API. We also made use of the Covid Act Now API to get our data. The front end is done using JavaScript and HTML. Data is displayed using JS.

Challenges we ran into

Making sure that we were formatting our data correctly and dealing with null values, as well as learning to set up the Twilio API. Though neither of these weren't able to be solved with a bit of debugging!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to link the graphs to real-time API data (and get a cool US shaped graph). Getting the Twilio API to work was also satisfying.

What we learned

We learned about many different API's and strengthened our skills in parsing them. We also learned about ngrok to help with testing the Twilio API.

What's next for Covid Stats

We would probably want to look into expanding the information the user can see on the website. Possibly even looking into different APIs that would give us more stats. Also for the Twilio aspect maybe some sort of search capabilities so the user does not have to correctly type in the county as it is written in the API.

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