The inspiration for this model began with a biology lab assignment I had to do a week ago. The assignment introduced me to the Netlogo programming language. Keeping that in mind, I later browsed through the EcoHacks devpost to see what the theme was and what category I could follow. After seeing the category relating to COVID-19, an idea sparked in my head to create a simulation using the Netlogo Programming Language.

What it does

The project I created showcases a stimulation of how COVID-19 spreads. The stimulation starts up three identified variables, which are: people wearing a mask (cyan-colored), people not wearing a mask (green-colored), and those who are infected (red-colored). The cyans and greens can be adjusted by the sliders located on the left side of the stimulation. Once the stimulation starts,

How I built it

I built this stimulation with the programming language Netlogo. I had to brainstorm ideas as to how to use Netlogo to fall under the COVID-19 category. After figuring out what stimulation I needed to create, I did some research on the analytics it takes for a person wearing a mask to get infected and a person not wearing a mask to get infected. After doing so, the last step to do was to deploy my website, which is done through GitHub Pages.

Challenges I ran into

A great challenge during this hackathon would be to learn a new programming language. The programming language I decided to use for this project so happens to be a language I had never heard of until a few days ago. It was the challenge that first struck me. I thought to myself, “Okay. I can do this again. I taught myself about everything to this point.” “I can do it again." As I read the endless pages of the documentation and ran a few practices, I started to get the hang of it. It was rather simpler than I had thought it was.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A great accomplishment I’m proud of is deploying my project on Github pages. In my past experiences with GitHub Pages, I went through a lot of problems and challenges trying to deploy my website. The problems and challenges were so difficult to the point where I couldn’t deploy my projects. All in all, deploying this project for EcoHacks will become a core memory. As it was a very simple process, I asked myself why I couldn’t figure it out back then.

What I learned

Looking back, I learned quite a lot. I learned a new language and I deployed my first ever GitHub page. Reading the documentation has made it easier for me to learn. It guides me step-by-step through the process of my project.

What's next for Covid Spread Stimulation?

There are quite a few factors I could implement into this stimulation. One of those is to code a vaccine factor to include in a set of variables chosen by the user. This can significantly change many different outcomes compared to this version of stimulation.

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