I was inspired after seeing Johns Hopkins created a public dataset. I had been looking for someone to make an API wrapper around it, and Sumanth made one and added it to a FB page I'm in (his API here). I'm familiar with twilio and was experimenting with a couple of fun bots (see website), and had been wanting to help people however I could. Creating an SMS update bot was the first thing I thought of, I just needed the data!

What it does

FREE TO USE COVID SMS asks for your phone number, state and county, and automatically texts you updates about the state of COVID in your county and state.

How I built it

After getting Sumanth's API, I used a combination of PHP, python, a Parabola flow, and a couple Zapier triggers.

Challenges I ran into

solving and keeping track of errors! tough one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So far, every person we've invited has also invited others.

What I learned

Some people don't want to stay updated because they don't want to see the numbers, but they do want to know how many people are recovering. I'm making a function that allows them to see how many people are recovering once they start recovering in their county.

What's next for COVID-SMS

Figuring out how to get the data down to zip code-by-zip code.

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