The current covid situation and budget issues with businesses. This helped us to make this kind of app

What it does

It can detect mask worn or not. People are following social distancing or not. Also, provides latest information about the covid-19 cases

How I built it

We used python and android studio to build it. Python was used for creating AI model and chatbot and android studio for application

Challenges I ran into


  1. Time constrain since we are college students and our college timing were morning to afternoon and sometimes till evening too.
  2. Integrating rasa chatbot with android application(unfortunately, this didn't work out).
  3. Integrating AI models of tensorflow with android application.(This worked out xD) ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of We are proud that we were able to submit this project on time and this is our first global hackathon so very excited. Also, First time for AI integration with android app. ## What I learned We learnt how can we integrate our AI models with android application. Also, to give our 100% in less time. ## What's next for Covid-Smart We are planning to integrate chatbot and OpenCV social distancing within our app but lack of guidance we are not able to do it. for chatbot we need a cloud server and for openCV a guidance by expert.
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