Do you know that handwashing is one of the best things you can do to stop the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases? According to the CDC, “washing hands can keep you healthy and prevent the spread of respiratory and diarrheal infections from one person to the next.” And when soap and water aren’t available, hand-sanitizer could come to your rescue, since it can quickly reduce the number of germs on hands in many situations when it contains at least 60% alcohol.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic situation goes on for months, a lot of people began to slack off. Therefore, I made this AR filter/game to raise awareness of the easiest thing you could to prevent coronavirus- just press the soap/hand sanitizer bottle and wash your hands!

What it does

The filter starts with a hand sanitizer botter as the “weapon” as your first-person view using the back camera. After double-tapping the screen, the game starts. Several viruses are generated related to the plane the camera captures(using plane tracker) and move to random positions. The player’s goal is to shoot down all the viruses surrounding them. Press the bottle for bottle motion, and press the virus to shoot it down. After all the viruses are gone, you win!

How I built it

I first built models of viruses and a hand sanitizer bottle in Maya. Then, I imported the obj files into Spark AR, and added the shooting mechanisms, object motion, and game logic using patches.

Challenges I ran into

Getting familiar with Spark AR was a challenge since it’s unlike 3D modeling software in terms of manipulating objects, and it’s unlike coding in terms of adding patches to achieve certain animation and behavior on objects. It is still a very nice software to use, but I do need to watch a lot of tutorials that are needed in order to get to the effect I want. Another challenge is trying to make the virus look not too daunting but still resembles the virus, so I decided to use a 2D rendering approach to make the color more like animation so it’s more kid and user friendly to play. Using the patches to get the boolean logic is a bit challenging because it’s different from coding, and it’s easy to get really messy with the patches to achieve a simple logic. Therefore it’s important to plan ahead and keep the patches organized.

What's next for COVID Shooter

It would be more fun and playable if I could add a scoring system and levels to generate more and faster virus. Creating filter effects if the user is “hit” by the virus Adding an information page to show the “keeping it hygiene” message I want to spread across

References https://sparkar.facebook.c

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