During the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020 fitness challenges have begun to trend on social media sites, namely instagram. The challenges usually consist of a challenge like "See 10 Pull-Ups, Do 10 Pull-Ups", which encourages all the people who viewed that post to do the same work-out challenge. The trend is popular and people seem to actually be holding themselves accountable. Users can also tag their friends in the challenge to entice them to complete it. It has become so popular that it only made sense to abstract the challenges out into a platform centered around one goal: Challenging Yourself and Others to continue working out during the lockdown. Not everyone has an instagram or can see the trend so the application aims to bring the support and excitement of these challenges to the everyday user.

What it does

This app allows users to see and join fitness challenges so they can complete them. Users can also see who else has joined challenges, and they can complete challenges. Users can also upload a photo or a video for proof.

How we built it

Alexis built the backend API using Python/Django, and Miriam built the frontend using React Native.

Challenges we ran into

It's difficult enough to work remote as part of a team, but we live on opposite sides of the country so we also had to work around time differences. We got through it!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an app in five days is pretty amazing.

What we learned

It is super important to be responsive to your teammates--especially if you're working on parts of the project that the other may not understand. Be available to help when needed!

What's next for Covid-See10 Challenge

Follow other users, play back videos, add a 24-hr time limit for completing a challenge.

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