I am inspired by the opportunity to develop something that will help people or companies to fight against covid 19 efficiently because my relatives go out to work and there is no control of people who can infect

What it does

with a mobile application with which people can identify themselves and give their temperature so they can know if they are healthy for access to a place like work or public place and a control panel with data of people who are with high temperature

How we built it

we all started to see what we knew and most of it was with javascript and ps we were divided in that we could do or experience something very fun

Challenges we ran into

one of the challenges was how to land the idea and take it to a simpler way and learn new technologies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

learning new technology and being able to work by learning as you go

What we learned

Gatsby ionic angular

What's next for Covid-Security

if you can try to implement it in public places such as parks or access to busy places to help people or businesses to not be infected because in Mexico where we are many people do not believe in the virus and go to the street with some temperature or infected and this would be the best way to avoid a massive spread

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