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We were really inspired by the learning opportunity that SigmaHacks provided us! We had the opportunity to work on a developing and global situation which could have a huge impact on the number of people infected by the virus. As the U.S is reaching a shocking 4 million cases, more and more people are desperate to get tested so keeping these crowded testing sites crowd-free will be critical. The number of hospital beds in the U.S are substantially less than the number of people infected by the virus; it is important for the healthcare workers to pay more attention towards those vulnerable to the virus. We learned how to work efficiently and effectively as we had a lot of ideas but not a lot of time. It was important to devote more of our time on the features which make our app unique rather than on the features which are already released to the public. We also had the opportunity to write Machine Learning code - our first time! We started off by spending the first 3 hours finalizing our idea and ensuring that we had a complete plan. After that, we started with the app display and the prototypes. We then wrote the code which decided the most efficient testing site for the user. Lastly, we created data by hand to input and train the computer. We experimented with Logistic Regression Models as well as the Random Forest model. There were many challenges we faced throughout the project. We had so many ideas but we did not exactly know how to concisely put it all in an app. We also faced the challenge of figuring out which components to work on first and which components we should work on later on. Thank you for giving us this opportunity and we look forward to participating in more Hackathons! (More details in the link to the slideshow provided below)

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