We wanted to build a game that was both entertaining and relevant to the current pandemic. Our solution we came up with was COVID runner!

What it does

Similar to other platformer games, you can explore the map; however, you must avoid the COVID-19 particles. Also, keep your distance from a special enemy!

How we built it

We used Unity3D game engine to build this game. All the scripts were written in C#. We used free assets from the Web along with some assets that we created ourselves. We used UnityCollaborate for version control and collaboration. The final build of the project was deployed as WebGL to AWS and also uploaded to GitHub.

Challenges we ran into

UnityCollaboration is a great tool but not without flaws. Even though it's tracking the changes in files and in the scripts, it can't merge 2 different files for the game Scene. We had to create template Prefabs and communicate a lot in order to ensure that we don't overwrite each other's work in the Scene.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of


I'm proud of working on a project involving game development! My main strengths lie in full-stack web development, but working on a project in a completely different sector was a valuable and fun experience.


I am proud of leading the team to create something fun and useful. It's hard to create an MVP in less than 24 hours but because of our outstanding teamwork, we were able to create a running game that is fun to play.


I'm proud that I was able to contribute to a project which I believe is pretty cool, and can really make a social impact, bringing awareness to an important issue.

What I learned


I learned how to use the Unity game engine to build an exciting game! It opened my eyes to what the process of game development entails. Specifically, working with cameras and angles, physics, and asset interactions.


I learned how to work with Unity Collaborate. Even though I have experience with Unity Engine, it was my first experience using Unity Collaborate. Also, this was the first time when I created my own 2D sprites.


While working on this project, and under pretty tight time constraints, I learned that sometimes, even when there's no time, it's important to take a deep breath, look away for a second and allow yourself to see a different angle.

What's next for COVID Runner

In the future, we want to add new levels, changes in difficulty, and a fighting aspect to fend off the people not wearing a mask.

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