We were inspired by the hundreds of thousands of Covid cases and the vastly changing country in front of us. We hope that by creating this product, we can better regulate the cluster of individuals and promote social distancing in areas that cannot be constantly monitored by another individual.

What it does

Our product provides live and long term data for the number of people in rooms and choke points, which provides general trends that would advise customers about which times and which days of the week have heavy foot traffic.

How we built it

Our system was built using an Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, and a temperature and humidity sensor to measure and collect the objects in a room and their thermals. For the back end, the Arduino produced a serial output which was collected by the python script and then ran through an algorithm that calibrated data and proceeded to calculate and note when any individuals passed the sensor.

Challenges we ran into

Creating the hardware was tedious since we had to figure out a way to mount the sensor to the rotating motor without having any wobble. Furthermore, implementing the code was difficult since two processors would simultaneously (Arduino, python), and the timings were difficult to manage since our algorithm is heavily based off time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of figuring out a rig to mount the ultrasonic sensor on and finally figuring out how to map the data from serial output to a dataframe that can be projected in a visual graph.

What we learned

We learned how to implement Arduino design schematic and how to accept serial outputs on python.

What's next for Covid Room Traffic Monitor

Next we hope to create an even bigger project with more applications and more extensive back end and front end developments.

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