The ongoing global pandemic has created ripples in everyone’s lifestyle, changing the way we interact, and changing the way we work as well. Now looking at the other aspect of this situation, many people aren’t aware of how bad the cases are getting daily, and how to know whether they have symptoms of the virus. There is often doubt in the credibility of the many abundant COVID informatics sources, leading to misinformation and clashing facts. And lastly, the right resources are often not found at the right times.

What it does

This extension is an efficient and localized source for key pieces of information that people can regularly access during the COVID-19 pandemic

How we built it

We primarily used HTML for putting together our extension, as well as JavaScript to call out Basic Functions like we will be demonstrating later in this presentation. Lastly, we applied CSS for the User Interface aspect of our extension. Our extension was tested through [chrome;//extensions] and we also used VS code for the programming portion.

Challenges we ran into

Given the time constraints, we were not able to implement all of the features of the extension that we wanted to, however, we have decided to keep them as future plans. Our next key challenge was setting up an operation statement for a certain function to occur given the number of checkboxes a user selects. We ended up solving this using different references and understanding the appropriate code to use for the situation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are definitely proud of the functionality and our approach to overcoming challenges using teamwork and references! It was a great learning experience and we definitely are proud of how far we came applying our existing knowledge and integrating it with a healthy challenge.

What I learned

We were definitely able to expand our knowledge in areas of coding which we thought we knew everything about already. The workshops introduced some quite amazing new concepts as well such as the applications of artificial intelligence in day to day life.

What's next for Covid Resources

We want users to use their locations for more advanced and focused filter searches. This will ensure that they get the information that is relevant to them. We also want to build up a slick graphical UI and help others understand the importance of all the stay at home protocols.

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