While we are engulfed in this pandemic, many people are not adhering to guidelines set by their countries or states. Many people have a hard time finding Covid-19 information that pertains to their country or state and don't know where to start because of all the information out there. CovidResourceHack is a website with a curated list of information regarding policies, guidelines, and covid cases which are displayed after the user's location is taken.

What it does

-Obtains your latitude and longitude coordinates -Reverse searches latitude and longitude coordinates to get user's country or state -Displays data pertaining to user's location.

How we built it

The HTML Geolocation API was used to retrieve the user's coordinates and was then reverse tracked using Google Maps Reverse Geocode API. The CSV data file was parsed in JS using PapaParse and the data was supposed to be show pertaining to the user's location.

Challenges we ran into

We have not used html, css, or javascript extensively and there was a bit of a learning curve, especially with styling in css. Because of this our website design is not the best and the formatting is a bit out of place. Additionally, parsing the csv data file was complicated to figure out, but once parsed, displaying the information was another problem and we were not able to parse through the parsed csv file to find information pertaining to a specific location. Connecting the login/signup page to a database was also challenging and in the end we did not get it connected.

What we learned

This was our team's first hackathon and we were all pretty inexperienced when it came to working on projects, and especially with the pandemic it was harder to focus and get into the hackathon mindset. However, throughout this project we have learned new skills in js, html, css, and using api's.

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