The world's health system is evidently overwhelmed by the COVID-19 pandemic and our bit is to create a solution that takes a lot of pressure off the system and load-balances it across a number of medical experts, who have volunteered to help tackle this virus head-on.

What it does

COVID Reporter basically acts as a point-of-call for users, providing help and information on the virus. Users are taught and reminded measures on how to keep safe in this period. Also, there is provision for an health-check and an opportunity to speak with an actual expert medical personal, depending on the outcome of the health-check. A body of doctors, nurses and medical experts would be on hand to receive them via any communication means the user selects.

How we built it

A team of young engineers, with diverse background and passion, joined forces to create this solution. It is still being modified to meet more demands and surpass more challenges. A two- winged team, one arm was focused on working on the front-end while the other team concentrated on improving the logic at the back-end. Collaborating via the available communication channels (eg Zoom) ensured that we worked together to build components of this solution. On hand was a dedicated engineer to ensure that all the built parts are integrated into a single, whole system. To concretely assess progress levels, there were periodic review meetings, which held online.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges ranged from power availability, to internet data and of course, the inexplicable effect of the lock-down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we are able to come up with a solution that will be provided in a number of local languages in Nigeria. In addition, it will provide basic, real-time information of COVID-19 and other diseases and/or viruses.

What we learned

We have learnt the importance of working together for a common purpose. This pandemic has expunged the idea that we are annexed from the world and has given us a call to seek the well being of everybody around us. On the side, we are learning other skills (e.g communication) and technologies (e.g React js) to be able to achieve our goals.

What's next for Covid Reporter

For the near future, we are willing be implementing, modifying COVID Reporter to include a voice-enabled bot, and in various local Nigerian languages too. This way, communicating is made easy for every Nigerian, taking into account his/her preferred language/tribe and this would go a long way to seeing that such person receives adequate attention eventually.We are also implementing geo-location mapping to track the spread/reported cases of the virus and other diseases in the nation and local government areas. This will help awareness of individuals as regards diseases that are prevalent in their locality and how best to keep themselves safe. Although COVID Reporter is presently focused on COVID-19, we are expanding it to other diseases ravaging our community.

The future for COVID Reporter is evolving into a solution that can be utilised for health-related issues, especially in cases of pandemics (local and/or global) and create channels through which response and help can permeate the whole turbulence and reach the needy and helpless.

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